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Esmar: 1 robot, 13 months 4500 h. and 360 piece of limestone street furniture

The customer: Grupo Esmar – Spain

GRUPO ESMAR, from Spain (Murcia), it’s a company specialised in extraction, processing and commercialisation of its distinctive and exclusive limestone: the Caliza Alba (the quarry is established in 2006). During the end of 2016 and the whole 2017, spending 4500 robot working/hours Esmar renovates – based on the design of the architect Earl Jackson – Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida, a prestigious shopping area close to Miami Beach.

Reciclados, Team

The robotic plant

We have the Lapisystem station in our second industrial plant. Which is below a crane, that allows to the stone and the finished pieces a quick and easy entrance and exit. We have two tables that rotate which make the robot to never stop; when it finishes a piece it starts to work with the other right away.

We Produced 360 pieces, which are benches and about 290 bollards. We choose the robot because it was the only solution we found that could finish the benches. From the start to the end. From the block to the finished piece without leaving the table.

Miracle Mile

The project

They are 6 kind of curved benches, 3 kind of straight benches and a especial Y joint bench. They all are mixed in order to produce several shapes and configurations. The whole project took about 13 months. Each bench takes about 9 to 12 hours to produce.  The robot worked for 4500 hours. In shifts of 16 hours, 5 days a week. This requires maintenance every Saturday morning, and cleaning every two days. We used an exclusive Limestone from our quarries witch we called “Shell Reef”, we used about 400 m3.

The diamond wire sawThe future

We are currently working with architects and designers to make possible some amazing designs they are sending us. In the present, the robot is supporting by lowering the cost of production of special pieces in some projects the company already has. Pieces with we used to give other factories to produce it for us.

But we are looking forward to work in restoration.

We are already starting to work with institutions that protect our historical heritage to repair damaged statues, copies for museums, and completing unfinished historical constructions and so on… which we hope, is going to be our nearest future.

Integration, the opinion of our customer

Long story short, we couldn´t been able to do this without this system. The liberty that we have to change the tool, (spindle, disk and wire) so easily, just changing he head, was a huge improvement. The possibilities that gives the wire to lower production times is outstanding. We really think that the wire head was a game changer. Doing our project only with a conventional 5axis spindle was simply unprofitable for a project like this.


T&D Robotics S.r.l. would like to thank the Esmar Technical Manager José V. Boluda for his kind support.