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Robot T&D Robotics, munito di filo diamantato, realizza enorme scultura

Torart,  owner Filippo Tincolini, is carving a statue in white Carrara marble starting from a single block, which as rough, weighed over 60 tons.

The robot works outdoors, day and night, rain or snow, without stopping. The Robot, supplied by T&D Robotics, is equipped with a cutting tool  with diamond wire. It goes on, without delay, at a speed of 15 millimeters per minute functioning on 5 degrees of liberty.

This is an artistic and technological task never attempted before and Carrara is it’s theatre, only a few steps away from the famous white marble quarries.

The development of he diamond wire milling tool, presented for the first time at Marmotec 2014 show in Carrara, has already met several demands, some of our clients have chosen it for their jobs like Monument Company in Belgium.