Lapisystem is the robotized production system suitable for all machining processes in the stone workshop. Fast, flexible and easy to use, the Lapisystem is the perfect compromise between the traditional bridge saw and the most advanced CNC. Despite its compact design, it has a large operating envelope of 3.5m high and 7m radius. It can machine all type of stone (granite, marble, sandstone, limestone etc.) and with 6 operating axis it can perform complex 3D machining or more simple edge profiling, drilling, sawing and bevelling. It can be used in the production of sculptures, kitchen worktops, shower trays, solid sinks, bath tubs, fountains, fireplaces and architectural stonework.


 Layout IBR7600S-27-R35-01 Layout IBR2400-01 Layout IBR6650S-TOP-01 Layout IBR6650S-15-R30-01

Our Software

The T&D S.S. is a software of our EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY, developed and produced by our software department for use by robot operators, featuring simplified routines and functions, such as:
• setting home position;
• tool loading and calibration;
• management of the origin of pieces;
• selection of machine programs;
• visualisation and control of working speed and rotation of the electric spindle;
• assistance in case of operation anomalies.
Ephesto is an exclusive software, engineered for robot off-line programming that, thanks to faithful 3D simulation, makes it possible to analyze and quickly
solve any placement problems or collisions. Ephesto allows to import APT files, thus emulating a 3/5 axes machine, 3 of which are linear (X, Y and Z), and two are placed on the head of the machine (A and B).

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