Working process


shortcode image Describing the 3D model is the first step of the productive process of a robot. The model can be directly realized, by using the advanced optional CAD CAM software, which allows also the import of 3D scanned files. Modeling time is proportional to the complexity of the object to be manufactured. To realize the model of a simple vanity top only requires a few minutes.
shortcode image Once realized the model, the tool path is developped by the operator into the CAM environment, using ad-hoc tools library or pre-set macro processings.
shortcode image The Lapisystem then shows a 3D simulation of the complete working process, to enable the operator to verify that everything is correct. If necessary the operator can intervene during this step to improve some aspects of the process.
shortcode image Having completed the simulation, the operator then sends the final program to the robot for the processing.

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